Author: threeli

A void-place book club

If you’re of a similar mindset wherein: you like reading, and you’re a lover of learning, you’ll likely enjoy this. I’ve made a selection of books we can all read together in preparation for my official trailer (potential release?) for Flesh-Time, Void-Place. The idea is we’ll all read the books sequentially between now and Halloween, […]

Some kind of update

I think it’s time for an update of some sort. While I could probably fill a page with a daunting amount of text describing what I’m doing, I’ve decided I’ll just make a short list of current projects. This list is in no particular order, and yes school is part of the deal (even if […]

The Thinking Bug (1)

The Goal First thing’s first, a good question might be, “What is the point of all this mucking around with neuroscience?” It ends up being a fairly complex answer, but it points back to one of the core elements of Protobug. Artificial Intelligence and its role in adaptive and emergent behaviors. In the realm of […]

Aesthetic Musings (1)

I spent the week thinking about what I want to do with Protobug. Some of that thinking happened while talking to a long-time friend of mine who has a background in studying philosophy. He has recently rediscovered this love of Philosophy in all of its many splendid forms. As I’ve delved further into the world […]