IndieDB: Game Awaiting Authorisation

Now all I can do is wait.  No – not that.  Actually all I can do is work harder at completing the skeleton for this game I’m working on.  I’ll work extra hard for the next few days and throw updates at IndieDB so they realize I’m making a genuine product.  If you wanted a major hint at what this game is titled, here is a link.  More info very soon.

The value of color…

The Kings Forest

I’ve found an immediate fondness for this color based site – Colour Lovers.  It’s genius, and it’s really going to help me limit my color choices for upcoming games.  For the first time I can lay down palettes with ease and have them turn out.

I’m not sure what it is about this site exactly.  It’s all pretty standard stuff; hex values and 5 colors (or less) per palette – but in just a day I was able to generate around 20 palettes I genuinely like.  Game designer or not I suggest you check it out.