I can crack this.

After a month long debate with myself over the future and scope of Egg, I have decided to drastically change it. While the story and ideology of Egg’s game-play will remain unaltered – the look and functional game mechanics are changing. While working with Egg and trying to keep it possible to complete I have consistently come to an impasse. On one hand I have the desire to have a completed game experience for folks to enjoy, and on the other I have a very grand idea of how much content the game should entail.

After I spent the past month debating how to deal with this issue I finally mustered a compromise. The game will now be depicted in the fashion of an ‘old’ ascii roguelike: but instead of text characters, the world will be represented in graphical runes, characters and pictographs. While this is a dramatic departure from where Egg was headed it means two important things. (1) I can work on the game without worrying about the time limitations imposed by graphics and (2) I can focus on what matters; the game-play itself.

I’m sure this will push the game towards a more niche market and turn many would be players off, but I’m happy with this decision. I think this will make me more productive and in the long run provide a better time for people willing to give it a try.

I’ll be posting this info and more in a news update within this week! Thanks for watching!