It’s been a while, huh.

So I went silent, as I have before. However, unlike preceding episodes of hiatus, there is a light at the conclusion of this proverbial tunnel. I came to recognize the need to work on myself: how I approach my craft, and even moreso my habits. In the past, when confronted with challenge or fatigue, I […]

The Decision to Bisect.

I made quite the challenging decision today, I hope will lead to a slew of positives where Nambug is concerned. When I originally started work on the game I wrote out a list of ideas that either inspired me to think about it completed, or that I just knew I had to include. For instance […]

I am hard at work on Nambug.

I am working every day (weekends included) on Nambug. It’s a driving force in my life. Mostly I hope people will be excited to play it, and share stories about their experiences in it’s little world. Having finally reworked this site I will hopefully post here at least twice a week. I plan on using […]