Nambug is currently being redesigned from the ground up as a primal version of itself called Protobug. This page will get changed soonish to reflect these changes!

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The Game:
Nambug is a hand crafted open world game set inside some irradiated retro-futurist planet.  It features bizarre flora and fauna, labyrinthian caverns, unforgiving and brutal danger, ancient technologies, and of course alchemistic wonders to freely explore.

The story so far:
A kiloyear after the great ruination forced the world underground, the hellish Lornab has overthrown the dying preceptor, and the cavern-folk must deal with the consequences.
The player is set upon the world shortly after Lornab‘s silent coup which served to drive the remaining upstanding groups further into the hollows.  There they formed even smaller collectives to hide from the tyrants many roving wyrms.  

For more information:
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