Progress: progress harder.

I spent less time than I thought I would need writing a simple moving script and binding it to the appropriate animations.  I still need to add a sitting script and I’m considering adding climbing to make the game’s world a little more vertical.  I had considered falling down and tripping animations but they just seem superfluous. There are also doors to consider.  I don’t actually think any special script or animation is necessary – they’ll segue in the same fashion as the sides of the screen.  The transition between scenes is something else I need to start thinking about.

The most daunting thing on my plate right now is questioning how to handle the in-game text/GUI.  I’m having a tough time deciding between dynamic and static assets.  I have decided to reveal some actual information about this mystery game next weekend.  It gives me a week to generate an interesting enough in-game screenshot and a description of the game.