A void-place book club

If you’re of a similar mindset wherein: you like reading, and you’re a lover of learning, you’ll likely enjoy this. I’ve made a selection of books we can all read together in preparation for my official trailer (potential release?) for Flesh-Time, Void-Place.

The idea is we’ll all read the books sequentially between now and Halloween, and then discuss whatever we might’ve found interesting about them. I’ve included the names of each book, the author, and how it relates to FTVP. Critically, this is a zero-pressure experience. If you only want to read some of the books, that’s fine – or if you would only like to read some of a specific book, that too is fine.

To join in the discussion use the tweet button below, or just tweet something at me describing your intention and I’ll invite you to the discord channel. I hope to see you there!

(If for some reason you abhor Twitter, you can use the contact page here to send me a message – it’s just far less immediate)

The Conspiracy Against the Human Race

Book by Thomas Ligotti

To be read and discussed throughout: July 15 – Aug 10

It seems wise to start the adventure with a taste of philosophic pessimism. It is a central idea in FTVP that the eponymous ‘Void Place’ is a universe nestled in an absence of light, and steeped in a tacit acknowledgment of suffering. Ligotti’s book explores the often unfavorable premise that life should not automatically be considered the better state.

The Plague

Book by Albert Camus

To be read and discussed throughout: Aug 11 – Sep 6

Depending on your perspective Camus’ work may seem obvious, or frustratingly bizarre – either way it’s near to a core element to FTVP. The Plague seems to present a rejection of the idea that the absurdity of meaninglessness is something we should rail against, specifically. In the ‘Void Place’ suffering is fundamental, but specified lives are not. How will the ‘Player’ respond to this affront to their controller’s (the human playing the game) subjective human experience?

In the Dust of This Planet

Book by Eugene Thacker

To be read and discussed throughout: Sep 7 – Oct 3

FTVP is of course rooted in horror media, so it makes sense to get a take on the thoughts surrounding horror and perhaps some minor insight into its draw. Kierkegaard’s pontification on the call to the void is pertinent – why are we drawn to horrors? Is it the choice to be drawn? In a game about the anxiety of choice, and the dread of nihilism it seems wise to look toward the spiral for some shred of understanding.

Philosophical Posthumanism

Book by Francesca Ferrando

To be read and discussed throughout: Oct 4 – Oct 31

I think it might be difficult to frame a game from within a entirely non-human context, if all of my ideas originate from my human derived subjective experience. Here represented is a thinker choosing to rejecting the anthropocentric experience.

So I don’t really want this whole process to be wildly official or time consuming. The point is to read some books and throw around some ideas and opinions. If you’d like to join in, just do so – but if you’d like it to be SUPER-OFFICIAL feel free to click the TWEET button below and hit send.

I’m part of the #FleshTimeVoidPlace book club.

Here are a few bonus books and novels that didn’t make the cut, but may be worthy of exploration:

  • The Electronic Revolution by William S. Burroughs
  • Cyclonopedia: Complicity with Anonymous Materials by Reza Negarestani
  • Endgame by Samuel Beckett