Some kind of update (2)

Quasi-Game-Jams, Shirts, Book.

Alright! The truth is, I am too poor to continue working on long form projects without either (A) getting a full-time job and thus negating my efforts with regard to time spent, or (B) pivoting the way I think about profiting from my endeavors.

I suspect the answer is to think smaller -> this is a long standing problem of mine. I tend to get caught up in possibility, which lends itself to scope-creep and eventual project-destruction. So, to solve this issue I think I am going to work on small, extremely manageable projects. My idea is to put out monthly, smallish game projects. Each one will orbit around whatever conceptual framework I am obsessed with that month and be marketed at $5 so as to be helpful to me, and approachable for fans. This also means I will be able to give each months project away to Patreon fans for free.

I also am going to reupload a few of my shirt designs on RedBubble for interested people to purchase.

Finally I think it’s high time I shop around for a publisher for my book of poetry. I have plan for this and I will keep you all posted as I do so. Failing any particular publisher, I will self-publish, but that is a last resort.

Flesh-Time, Void-Place

I am very excited about FTVP and am plugging away at it, but it yet another of those long term projects I have in a fire. I am discussing with myself how I might chop away at it’s core features and message to get it out both on time and soon. I will not be quitting it, as I’m too excited about the premise. I look forward to putting out some more updates about this one.


This is more an FYI than anything else: I am still in school and loving the learning and growth. I plan on continuing to ensure this is a priority for me, and that does mean above any personal project.