State of the Bug (April 4)

I’m getting as tired of my excuses as you likely are. Started a new class this week that has a wacky schedule based around the opposite coast, and to top it off I had to rewrite a good chunk of the graphics code.

Screen ScrollingSo what DID I get done? Keen observers might note that this screen looks like a step backward from the previous weeks update. Given how busy I’ve been this week, this actually feels good. Essentially all Things in the game world now exist at once, but only render if on (or transitioning to or from) the current screen.

This is even an improvement over the previous version of Nambug. Testing shows I can process a massive number of entities each step without performance concerns. This works independent of which “screen” the camera finds itself on. The final thing to write (graphically) is a buffer that will hold a second screen in memory for scrolling between them.

Everything else is still on hold, but this deceptively large forward progress. More actual new soon, I swear!

Thank you for reading! Please stay tuned.