State of the Bug (March 7)

I’ve decided to offer up a little post weekly to describe what state Protobug (and by extension Nambug) finds itself in. I’ll list any features either partially completed or completed, and any known bugs. Anyway, here we go.

☑ Rendering – Graphically Protobug can push between ~7-12K individual sprites and keep rolling at well over 60 FPS. As I have stated elsewhere, the actual number of animated/moving (independent) sprites required is far less (1,792). In theory it should run well on most semi-modern machines.

☐ Sprite Movement/Animation – The first order of business was setting up a layered system, to abstract graphics from any entity or its data. As the GIF below shows, I am successfully moving sprites around. While I can swap any graphic from a sprite sheet, I don’t yet have any methods written to modify the sprites at runtime, or to support animation.

Thank you for reading! These will get more exciting as time goes on, but it feels good to be hard at work again. Stay tuned!