I have a new project…

As the unmistakable title of this post suggests, I have me a new project.  I’m working with a unique artist, and a talented musician to bring an mythological world of my creation to interactive life.  There will be more information soon (within a week).

I can crack this.

After a month long debate with myself over the future and scope of Egg, I have decided to drastically change it. While the story and ideology of Egg’s game-play will remain unaltered – the look and functional game mechanics are changing. While working with Egg and trying to keep it possible to complete I have consistently come to an impasse. On one hand I have the desire to have a completed game experience for folks to enjoy, and on the other I have a very grand idea of how much content the game should entail.

After I spent the past month debating how to deal with this issue I finally mustered a compromise. The game will now be depicted in the fashion of an ‘old’ ascii roguelike: but instead of text characters, the world will be represented in graphical runes, characters and pictographs. While this is a dramatic departure from where Egg was headed it means two important things. (1) I can work on the game without worrying about the time limitations imposed by graphics and (2) I can focus on what matters; the game-play itself.

I’m sure this will push the game towards a more niche market and turn many would be players off, but I’m happy with this decision. I think this will make me more productive and in the long run provide a better time for people willing to give it a try.

I’ll be posting this info and more in a news update within this week! Thanks for watching!

IndieDB: Game Awaiting Authorisation

Now all I can do is wait.  No – not that.  Actually all I can do is work harder at completing the skeleton for this game I’m working on.  I’ll work extra hard for the next few days and throw updates at IndieDB so they realize I’m making a genuine product.  If you wanted a major hint at what this game is titled, here is a link.  More info very soon.

Progress: progress harder.

I spent less time than I thought I would need writing a simple moving script and binding it to the appropriate animations.  I still need to add a sitting script and I’m considering adding climbing to make the game’s world a little more vertical.  I had considered falling down and tripping animations but they just seem superfluous. There are also doors to consider.  I don’t actually think any special script or animation is necessary – they’ll segue in the same fashion as the sides of the screen.  The transition between scenes is something else I need to start thinking about.

The most daunting thing on my plate right now is questioning how to handle the in-game text/GUI.  I’m having a tough time deciding between dynamic and static assets.  I have decided to reveal some actual information about this mystery game next weekend.  It gives me a week to generate an interesting enough in-game screenshot and a description of the game.



Things are coming along nicely.  I should be able to push through this weekend and end up having a fair amount more done than I originally suspected I would.

The value of color…

The Kings Forest

I’ve found an immediate fondness for this color based site – Colour Lovers.  It’s genius, and it’s really going to help me limit my color choices for upcoming games.  For the first time I can lay down palettes with ease and have them turn out.

I’m not sure what it is about this site exactly.  It’s all pretty standard stuff; hex values and 5 colors (or less) per palette – but in just a day I was able to generate around 20 palettes I genuinely like.  Game designer or not I suggest you check it out.

In-game shots of FUTURE88.

After a short/long day working on tweaking UVs and AO output sizes I’ve got little to show.  Nevertheless, have some shots from the ’88 as it sits right this moment.  I’m loving these bold colors applied to blocky surreal landscapes.  This series of shots represents the first environment in ’88, which is more sparse than all other currently planned areas.

Click each image to expand it.

New site / New game.


In lieu of the looming FUTURE88 I’ve deleted the entire history of this website.  Fresh start – as it were.  I’ll try to be more active and keep this blog updated with the progress of FUTURE88and any other projects I might take on.